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We all know times can be tough at times, but it's good thing to know that life insurance gives us relief. 


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Going without health insurance, could be a big mistake. Accidents happen, we see them everyday, imagine if an accident happened to you. 


Affordable and Low Cost Life, and Health Insurance

In order to qualify for income-based health insurance with healthcare.gov you must have special enrollment. Meaning, you will need to show proof of a qualified life event to the Health Insurance Marketplace. 


Obtaining an approval can be frustrating task, we do not recommend you attempt the procedure on your own. Please consult with your local agent/ broker. 



Affordable Care Act (ACA) 




Existing Health Insurance Policy Holders, who receive a tax subsidy must re-enroll by December 15, 2014 to avoid lapse in health insurance coverage


The affordable care  act or ACA has changed the way people purchase health insurance, for starters many american's now have an oppurtunity to apply for medicaid in the state in whcih they reside.  Another point is american's who enroll in a ObamaCare plan or QHP (Qualified Health Plan) can save on things link monthly premiums, copays, and deductibles. 


Health insurance for the LGBT Community, with many states recognizing same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships; couples can apply as a family and save big. For example, instead of being forced to purchase seperate insurance policies due as before now with the new changes insurance may include both couples and dependent children. 


Their are many plans to choose from, which range from Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze. Each coverage level has set healthcare cost associated with each. 


The best way to predict your premium will be to determine if you will be eligible for a subsidy, their are many subsidy calculator's available on the internet. Contact us for the best one. 


Medicaid : Income Less that 138% FPL (Final Determination is with State Medicaid Office)
CHIP: (Final Determination is with State Medicaid Office)
Subsidy: Income between 139% and 400% FPL
Cost Sharing: annual household income at or below 250% of the FPL, OR an annual household income at or below 300% of the FPL for American Indians and Alaska Natives and enroll in a Silver Plan.

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